When i build a WebApplication and runs them on the CPU its usage goes through 100 % and the computer goes down. Everytime i must kill the aspnet_wp.exe process. Why

please provide the resolution

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Ashish Basran

Sridhar, you need to check your application. You might be doing some CPU intencive opetations because of which you see 100% usage.

And, there are some settings on IIS6.0 application pool level, you can specify the maximum CPU usage by the pool.

But, you should check your application first to verify why it is using all your CPU

Re: Visual Studio Performance Tools (Profiler) R


can u say me, With respect to an application what could be the CPU intencive operations.

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Dave Lubash - MSFT

Have you tried debugging your application Walk through your application, because from your description it sounds like there may simply be a programming error where you are inadvertently using all of the available cycles.

Good luck,
Dave Lubash
Visual Studio Team Developer

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When I am in Debug mode and stop the debug to return to editing the code, the system freezes on me.

CPU usage is at 100% - when I can get Task Manager to come up. It is aspnet_wp.exe that is using all the CPU.

Even if I can get Visual Studio to close, aspnet_wp.exe does not stop executing. It may drop to using 98% - 99% from 100%, but it crashes everything I have open. I need to reboot to get anything going again.

Microsoft Development Environment 2003, Version 7.1.3088

MS .Net framework 1.1 Version 1.1.4322

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 69461-270-0000007-18090

I work with Toad, Excel and MS Exchange open when I am developing.

I am not doing anything special with this program. I query our data warehouse tables, handle the data and output it to Excel. I write and debug on my laptop, which has 1 G of RAM on it.

This has become a serious problem for me. Please respond as quickly as possible. This is really holding me up.