We have a build of a product that is encountering the following error when loading on an XP service pack2 local to the machine. Install shield is version 6.31 and SourSafe is version 6.0d. As soon as you click on the install you get the windows security warning and click continue and then immeditately get the following:

An installation support file

'C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1.WB-\LOCALS~1\TEMP\{BD7B4C88-FE1D-11D7-AFF7-0060083206E1}\VSSVER.SCC' could not be installed.

The parameter is incorrect.

Development doesn't see where vssver.scc is being added in the build nor sure of why the paramer is incorrect.

Any insights to best troubleshoot this would be appreciated.


Re: Visual Studio Source Control and SourceSafe VSSver.scc "the parameter is incorrect"

Richard Berg MSFT

This sounds like a problem with InstallShield. *.scc files are used by SourceSafe to store version information locally and should not be included in the product you're creating.