I am printing an embedded .rdlc file with the .NET application deployed using XCOPY (all .DLLs are local). I'm using the code for printing without the viewer that I downloaded from this site.

Two identical laptops (Dell D820's - less than a year old), running Windows XP.

Printing from the same data already in client objects (no database access involved). Printing to the same network printer with the same options.

  • One takes 2-3 seconds from start until the Printing page 1... dialog disappears (report spooled),
  • the other takes 10-13 seconds (even with fewer applications in use and less memory used).

We've already tried testing the slow laptop on the network connection of the fast one with no change.

What type of configuration, setting, etc on the client PC could impact report spooling speed so drastically and consistantly. Other users are experiencing the slow printing as well, but I'm using these 2 laptops as the test since they are identical hardware and software configuration.

Ray Klaassen

Stiles Machinery, Inc.