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We're heavily invested in the WinForms ReportViewer for a vertical market app we distribute. It's exactly what we need, except when it comes to handling a large number of rows and/or InteractiveHeight being 0 (long on-screen scrolling). In this case, the performance and memory usage quickly becomes unworkable. We must do lengthy reports for govt. compliance situations and we can't easily break these apart.

We tried version 9.0 of the ReportViewer controls from Visual Studio 2008 beta 2. These seem relatively unchanged from version 8.0 and they dropped right into our app, but the performance was unaffected.

The July CTP of Katmai contains the beginnings of version 10.0 ReportViewer controls, albeit not supported. After hearing about the rendering improvements in Katmai and the fact that the DLL sizes are quite a bit bigger, I would assume these DLLs will eventually address our performance problems when released.

My question: What factors does the release of the 10.0 ReportViewer depend on Is it tied to the Katmai release To a service pack for Visual Studio 2008 We need some idea, as our reporting strategy depends on the v10.0 DLLs. We don't need a date, but it would be extremely helpful if we knew what official release these were tied to.


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"The first thing to understand is that SQL2008 is not shipping at the same time as VS2008. We are launching the products together, which is simply a way to save some marketing money. VS2008 will probably be out for close to six months before SQL2008 is out.

The second thing to understand is that local mode and server mode are two very different things. The VS2008 control in server mode will work against a 2005 server or a 2008 server.

The third thing to understand is that although you get a relational database in the same package as you get Reporting Services, the two products are not tied together. You can run RS2008 against RS2005 (just as you could run RS2005 against SQL2000).

Given all of this, here is the roadmap.

  • ReportViewer in VS2008 is an updated version of the RS2005 report engine. In addition to bug fixes, it has some minor enhancements like PDF compression, and print in ASP.NET local mode.
  • SQL2008 ships with the RS2008 report engine. This has a whole new RDL format, a new designer, and the Dundas data visualization code.
  • After SQL2008 ships, we will look to release a new version of the ReportViewer for VS2008. This would have the RS2008 report engine as well as some other potential enhancements (AJAX support, for example).

Hope this makes things a little clearer.

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Thanks. This is exactly the info we're looking for. Do the ReportViewer controls undergo a beta process that we could become involved in Or are they basically tested through the SQL Server development cycle