A few months ago, I had copies of the document templates for Agile development. I am speaking of the document templates entitled "Vision Statement", "Business Requirements", "Conceptual Design", "Functional Specification", "Development Plan", etc. These document templates were Microsoft Word .doc's with the formating (headers, page numbers, section titles, etc) in BLACK and the instructions and examples in Blue. (e.g.

ntroduction to the Template

Description: The Development Plan describes the solution development process used for the project. This plan compliments the functional specifications t

The versions I had were a copyright of 2005. Someone at my shop overlaid these with the documents apparently for MSF 3 copyright of 2002. I've attached the notice below.

O 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The information contained in this document represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues discussed as of the date of publication. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication.

Where can I get the latest and greatest Are the VSTS2008 compatible templates available I would expect a copyright date later than 2005.

I've asked this question before and have been directed to the Guidance Screens that are loaded on the SharePoint for a TFS project. The documents I am looking for are not the Guidance Screens from the SharePoint.

Re: Visual Studio Team System - Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) MSF Templates for V4

Re: Visual Studio Team System - Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) MSF Templates for V4

Bob Palank

In the Requirements folder I find three .doc files and some empty spreadsheets.
Is this the current state of the templates
Does anyone have a feel for the total number of templates that are available or proposed



Re: Visual Studio Team System - Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) MSF Templates for V4

Clementino Mendonca - MSFT

Hi Chris,

The MSFv3 document template package has not been updated for version 4. The single one you referred to - the Vision document - was one of a few that were adapted to be in the MSF for Agile Software Development process package. All the other generic documents have remained with the 2002 versions.

At this point, updating the generic MSFv3 documents to MSFv4 is being considered, but it is not a priority. Please let us know if you think it should be.

The current MSF Agile documentation package is thin on purpose. As an Agile method, MSF Agile enforces the "just-in-time" nature of documentation, that is, documents are created on an as-needed basis by a specific team. The process template starts with the least possible few placeholders to be modified or added to later on. The best rationale I have seen for this minimalistic approach is the following (from MSF v1.0):

"Why No Design Document
The customer is rarely the intended recipient of a design document. There are generally two uses for design documents:

? For purposes of management and communication between Development team members.
? To aid in maintenance and enhancement after release.

For purposes of management and communication between Development team members, the need for formal design documents is established by the Development Manager with his/her development team. At Microsoft, design documents are developed when they are needed and, when memos, meeting notes, and interface specs are sufficient, time is not spent writing formal design documents. "When they are needed" might be:

? Starting a new product.
? When team members are new to the company or to each other.
? When the design issues are complex.
? When there are too many developers on the project to ensure adequate communication otherwise.

Realistically, many corporate development projects have all of these characteristics, and a Development Manager should consider carefully a decision not to build design documents at some level.

For purposes of maintenance and enhancement after release, the best answer is to have self-documenting code and to generate any supplemental documentation automatically from the code itself. Of course, interface and call diagrams are often indispensable. A development manager should consider allocating time late in the development cycle if up-front design documentation is not critical."

[Microsoft Solutions Framework v1.0 - Solutions Development Discipline, 1993]

A similar rationale on "Why no requirements document " is on this blog entry.


Clementino Mendonca - MSF Champion

Re: Visual Studio Team System - Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) MSF Templates for V4


There appears to be some inconsistencies in the templates' guidance, i.e. The Blue Text between MSF 3 and 4. For example what were phases are now tracks, etc.

Now is a new MSF coming with VSTS 2008 If so, I can probably wait.