I am looking to learn a good build tool in .NET. I am familiar Java's Ant so I was going to try NAnt first but I found out that Visual Studio 2005 has command line tools for MSBuild. I am wondering what is the best tool to invest my time in.

Re: Visual Studio MSBuild MSBuild or NAnt?

Steve St.Jean

If you are going to be working exclusively with .NET I would suggest learning MSBuild over NAnt. The reason is that the VB.Net and C# project files are MSBuild files, so you will be interacting with it at some point anyway. Team Foundation Server's Team Build is also implemented in MSBuild so you can leverage your MSBuild experience in an enterprise using TFS.

If you are working in a mixed language/platform environment, NAnt would server you better because of its affinity to Ant. So if your code needs to run under .Net 2.0 and Mono, you can use the cross platform nature of NAnt to your advantage.

- Steve