Augusto Alvarez

Hey there

I just posted in other forum that I have a problem with TFS, and I think that the problem is TFSWareHouse service.

The projects that I'm working with does not need at all anything from Reports or any other service that TFSWareHouse brings, I would like to stop that service. That also will help me finding out the real problem with TFS...

Does anyone knows how to stop TFSWarehouse from running with TFSScheduler Is there any registry key that I can modified


Re: Team Foundation Server - General Stop TFS Warehouse

Luis Fraile

Hi, hmm the only thing I think can be done, is the period of sync of the data warehouse ( but I don't think it can be taken out.

Anyway, if you can please also put a link to the post on the other forum to check the problem.

Re: Team Foundation Server - General Stop TFS Warehouse

Hua Chen - MSFT

Hello Augusto:

As I know..

It seems to cannot stop TFSWarehouse with TFSScheduler.

And cannot stop one directory 'TFSWarehouse' of a whole WebService TFS.