Bob VandenBosch

Does anyone know the scope of what is done as part of a Repair/Reinstall

In the process of recovering from a failure we lost our msdb and master SQL databases and are wondering how to go about re-adding any code that TFS may require in these databases.

Will missing stored procedures and jobs be recreated

Will work items be reverted back to their original configuration.



Re: Team Foundation Server - Administration Can Performing a Repair/Reinstall Fix Our Problems?

Hua Chen - MSFT

Hello Bob,

Do you mean that the system master and msdb is missing

Do you have any backup of the data - tier before

You can try to rebuild system databases.

When damaged, the master database must be rebuilt if:

A current backup of master is not available.
A backup of master exists, but it cannot be restored because the instance of Microsoft SQL Server cannot start.

For information on how to rebuild master, see

How to: Install SQL Server 2005 from the Command Prompt

MS SQL Server 2005 local helps

Here are brief steps.

Brief steps.

Insert the SQL Server 2005 installation media into the disk drive.

Use the following syntax:

start /wait setup.exe /qn INSTANCENAME=<InstanceName> REINSTALL=SQL_Engine REBUILDDATABASE=1


Always use strong passwords.

Restoring the model or msdb database from a backup is necessary under the following circumstances:

The master database has been rebuilt.

The model or msdb database has been damaged; for example, due to media failure.

The model has been modified. In this case, it is necessary to restore model from a backup when you rebuild master because the Rebuild Master utility deletes and re-creates model.

For more :

After rebuild system database you can try to re-install SP1 for TFS.

Please back up the all database files before you rebuild the system dabase.

Good luck.