We're moving from a non-integrated VSS world on sql 2000 to a more integrated TFS/SQL2005 world. I see a lot of promise with SQL2005 Mgmt Studio claiming to be integrated with TFS/Sourcecontrol and with the VS for Database Professionals tying in to TFS as well.

I'd like to be able to connect to source control and to the same checked out code using both/either tool - has anyone succeeded in this The reason I want to do this is we may have people who are primarily working on SSIS, but may work on stored procs. Their primary home is VS(with or w/o the Database Developer Edition) Others may work primarily on stored procs so their home is mgmt studio. Some of us will probably live in both worlds.

I know you have to use the MSSCI provider to link SQL Management studio to TFS.

My concerns are: if someone checks out a file using one tool, will they be able to check it in/shelve/see pending changes( etc) with the other tool Since I'd have all my work areas mapped to the same place, would I have any problems with a project file from SQL Management Studio in the same area as a VS project - and both projects potentially having some or all of the same sql objects

While browsing these forums I see a lot of questions on workspaces etc....and I dont want to dig myself into an impossible hole...but it would be pretty cool if I could make this work from anywhere

Has anyone tried this

Randy Thurber MCSD, MCDBA, MCITP

Re: Team Foundation Server - Version Control TFS, VS( with or w/o datadude) and SQL Mgmt Studio

James Manning - MSFT

The different tools should see the exact same pending changes working with the same workspaces as the same user. I haven't tried the MSSCCI provider with SSMS myself, but it uses the same object model calls, so it'll see the same view of your workspaces and pending changes as VS does.