M Thomas

I am trying to make a report using VS 2005 rdlc report. The report is working correctly, but when I run it ins the browser there is a vertical scroll bar on the right side of the for and the report window seems to be about 2 inches tall, so I am scrolling up and down thru a report which is probably only about 5 inches tall.

There was originally also a horizontal scroll bar, but it goes away when i expand the screen to full screen view.,

The aspx form hosting the reportviewer control appears to cover the entire screen, the reportviewer control is set at 100 % height and 100% width. I have the report rdlc file set at a width of about 10.5 inches. The height would be about 6 inches, but I do not think that is so important.

Does anyone know where the setting is to get the height report to ncrease

Re: Visual Studio Report Controls How to Get Rid of Vertical Scroll Bar & 2 in Tall Report

M Thomas

I found the answer here: