I am responsible for deploying 3 different versions of Visual Studio 2005 team Suite to multiple users in our environment. They currently use the Software Developers, Software Architechts, and Testers versions of Team Suite.

In order to save space on our deployment servers, I have been asked to find out if we can deploy all 3 versions while only storing one set of source code on the server. The installations seem to share quite a bit of code, so I am thinking this might be possible.

Is it possible to use one set of source code, and customize the installation so that you can install one of the 3 versions of Team Suite

Re: Visual Studio Team System - General Deploying multiple versions of Team Suite

Ognjen Bajic

You would easier cause more problems by trying to customize installations than what you would gain. Various VS editions indeed have lot in common, but I don't think that you can easily use that fact.

I would advise you to simply reserve those additional 6-7GB...