Assuming that a Report Server project belongs to the solution in question, every time "Code Coverage" is selected from the testrunconfig editor in Visual Studio, the editor dialog unexpectedly closes.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Create a new solution.
  2. Add a new project (Visual C# Console Application for example).
  3. Add a new Test project.
  4. Add a new Report Server project.
  5. Double click the localtestrun.testrunconfig file.
  6. Select "Code Coverage."

Remove the report project from the solution, select code coverage, and Visual Studio behaves as expected again. It seems that whatever logic is being executed by Visual Studio to locate project assemblies for instrumentation is having a hard time with Report Server projects.

Is this a known issue and is there a workaround or fix I understand that isolating my report projects in another solution would be considered a workaround, but I would like all my projects to play nice within one solution for organizational/management purposes.

I nosed around a bit in the testrunconfig XML and identified the aspNetProjectCoverageItems element. I would assume that manually modifying this element to include projects I want covered and just avoiding the Visual Studio form based configuration tool would work. However, I'm sure this is not as straight forward as it first appears and is probably the least appealing option.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Visual Studio Team System - Testing OCS 2007 Edge Server - Remote Users Connection Failed!

David Gorena Elizondo - MSFT

Hello Jason,

Sorry for the late response. The issue you're talking about is a known issue, and it will definitely be fixed in our next release.

For now, a workaround is still having all your projects in the same solution, and just unloading the Report Project whenever you need code coverage (right-click the report project, and click Unload Project)

David Gorena Elizondo

Re: Visual Studio Team System - Testing OCS 2007 Edge Server - Remote Users Connection Failed!

Orlando J. Rodriguez

Hi my Name is Orlando, I Have just completed setting up aTest Deployment of OCS 2007 Bta in one of Our Clients. I installed an Edge Server for Remote User Access, this server setup complete correctly, It Has two interfaces (It isnĄ¯t in a DMZ) one connected to the internal Network thah Points to an Enterprise Pool and other connected to the internal interface of the firwall.

The security team create the rules to open the specific ports that permit the remote user access. I Deployed the Edge Server Certificate to the external and internal interface Without problems, I use differents names spaces and IP Addresses for remote acces, web conference and A/V Conference, and deploy one cerificate to each one without problems.

When I try to connect from one Machine as a Remote user that Have this permission, It doesnĄ¯t, the OC 2007 show a message "There Was a problem verifiying the certificate from the Server" What can I Do, In order to correct this problem



Re: Visual Studio Team System - Testing OCS 2007 Edge Server - Remote Users Connection Failed!


Did you use an internal Certicate Authority or a public one to generate the certificates In the case they are internal do the clients have the Root CA in their certificate store