I've been working on my GP for some time now. I recently tested the installation on my System (I first unregistered my GP through VS using the Unregister recipe). I then installed my GP using the MSI. Everythin worke fine. I unistalled my GP via the Add/Remove Programs control panel. When I then tried to re-register my GP via the Register recipe in my GP solution, I got the error:

"EnvDTE.Project, EnvDTE" - with a caption of "Recipe Framework Error"

The Recipe Framework Output window reveals a System.TypeLoadException, with an inner FileNotFoundException that the EnvDTE assembly cannot be found.

How did this happen and how can I fix it

Also, why does the MSI detect dependancies to two version of the EnvDTE assembly I have to continually exclude them from the Detected Dependancies in my Setup project to clear a warning when the Setup project builds.

TIA to anyone who can help.



Re: Visual Studio Guidance Automation Toolkit Help! Recipe Framework Error - Register Recipe "EnvDTE.Project, EnvDTE"



This looks like some of the uninstallation removed the envdte.dll.

The VS Setup projects are known for a bug that causes the exclusion list to be modified. So if you played with your generated VS Setup project it may happen that this list got modified and envdte.dll removed from it. Just keep in mind to watch this list everytime you modify the setup.

I believe that using Visual Studio repair functionality may fix it, as it may detect that envdte.dll and write it back.

If that doesn't work let me know and I could try sending you the file.