Over the last few weeks I've been reading up and playing with TFS getting ready for shifting our development team off VSS and on to TFS.

I've battled with getting TFS installed, figured out which process template to go for, given the Project 2007 integration a poke and all that jazz and I'm very impressed.

The last decision I'm left with now is the structure for the code. I've got structure for handling Branching, I went for:


but what¡¯s bothering me is that whilst were currently working on our main product (which will be made up of 4 applications) in the future we will have more products which will share some core code.

In addition to this we also have the utility applications we have made. Is the best approach to have all these products and utilities under a single Team Project (and multiple VS solutions) or to split them into separate them into distinct Team Projects

Any suggestions or links to good material on the subject would be greatly appreciated, including any good books that cover this issue and other best practices for TFS.

Re: Team Foundation Server - Version Control Structure

Riham MSFT

You Might want to have a look at this MSDN article, "Planning a Team Project", This topic presents a list of questions you must answer to determine whether you may want to create a new team project or expand an existing project

Re: Team Foundation Server - Version Control Structure


Thats great thanks :)