This is something that has bugged me for a while. I'm hoping someone with a little insight might be able to solve this one for me.

Let's say I have two solutions. One is a "common base framework" of often-used classes and utilities. The other is a current project I'm working on that uses this framework.

Now here's the stickler. The common framework is on one TFS server, and the current project is on another server altogether.

I want the current project to use the latest bits, but I don't want to copy the source and include it into my current project. Then I'll have two codebases to maintain.

I wish there was some sort of "Partial Solutions" that TFS could incorporate that would allow me to pick and choose different projects from different sources. :)

Any ideas



Re: Team Foundation Server - General BEST PRACTICES: Importing Common Libraries

Etienne Team System MVP

Hey Mike,

My recommendation for you is this. Connect to Server A (common library) create a workspace and get latest to your dev workstation and build it. Then Connect to Server B (Specific project) and create a workspace and get latest in another folder on your dev workstaion. From your specific project reference the builded common library by pointing to it's bin directory. Once and a while when you want the latest of the library, just reconnect, get latest and rebuild the library.

Alternatively you can referece the solution/project file of the the common library in your specific app so you can debug with source.

There is no real other way to do this. This way you get to use the common library on your terms (you get a new build when you feel you want to deal with integration) and you don't get the churn of everyday change (unless that is what you want and you can deal with it by doing a get everyday). Because your solution are on 2 different TFS instance that's the only way I can think of.

Good luck,


Re: Team Foundation Server - General BEST PRACTICES: Importing Common Libraries


The problem with referencing the common assembly from the custom project is that it will break when another team member gets the latest version (as they don't have that project downloaded on their system as well).

It just seems to me that this would be so common that there'd be a solution to this use case by now. Then again maybe everyone is just comfortable with having 1000 copies of the same source lying around in some form or another. :)

Re: Team Foundation Server - General BEST PRACTICES: Importing Common Libraries

Etienne Team System MVP

I hear you Mike.

You are also right, you'll need to implement best practices and every devs working on the custom app will need to do the same thing. Another option is to take a release in time version of the custom lib and add the binarie to source control repository of the custom app. this way everyone is at the same release point and have the binary. You refresh the bin one an a while like I described before and change it in Source Control. This is less disruptive and you have more control. You'll need to add the pdb also in order to do debugging.