1. Direct database debugging where in we select SP and use 'Step Into
Stored procedure' option to debug. I tried that and it seems to start
debugging session ( I can see debug output 'Running [dbo].
[spTestSqlDebugging]...' in output window) but nothing seems to
happen. It prompts me for parameters etc but then no window with SP
code and cursor pointing to line of execution appears (seems
like the winodw is hidden somewhere). I tried each and every option in
menu related to viewing all kinds windows but still dont get that.
Then I have checked my windows firewall and its disabled. I am logged
in as domain admin and SQLDebuggerUser is memeber of admin group. So
even with all these settings I am unable to step into SP.

2. The other SP debugging where in I want to break into SP from
managed code is also not working. I have setup breakpoint in VS2005 by opening
SP in edit mode. I have enabled 'SQL debugging' from .NET
project properties in VS2005. I have even enabled SQL/CLR debugging on
the data connection I am using from my ADO.NET (thought I dont think
it is required in this case as I believe it is required only if I want
to debug a managed SP deployed in SQL server). All the secuirty
related checks I mentioned above are still applicable (i.e. there are
no security restrictions that I can think of) but still I can not
debug. When I run my solution in Visual Studio the SP breakpoint does not gets hit.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance

Re: Visual Studio Extensibility Can not debug SQL Server 2005 SP from Visual Studio 2005

Riyaz Habibbhai - MSFT

I think that the VS 2005 team would be able to help more. I will move this thread there to see if anybody can help you there.