This may be a request for a new feature or perhaps there is a way to accomplish it now.

I would like to have a baseline set of test conditions (other than just 'inconclusive') automatically added to a newly created unit test. Also, I would like to have the initial T-SQL generated tied to my template.

This would be great for a new custom TestCondition I have developed that check the query plan and statistics for invalid operations such as 'Table Scan' or too many reads. This requires the T-SQL to contain 'SET STATISTICS PROFILE ON' and set some properties on my custom TestCondition.

Perhaps there is an option to accomplish something similar using macros

Mark Lindell

Re: Visual Studio Team System - Database Professionals Template for TestConditions and T-SQL when creating a new test - new feature?

Jeff Welton MSFT

This is a request for new functionality and is a very reasonable one.

In V1 we leverage the VSTT model of defaulting to the Inconclusive test result. This cannot be customized in the current version. Likewise, the T-SQL generation is done through assembly logic based upon the object for which the unit test is being created. Unfortunately, we do not have a set of T-SQL code templates that you can customize.

I have entered your request into our our V2 TFS database and assigned it to our PM who is doing feature planning in that area to ensure that this extensibility scenario will be considered. We are discussing expanded extensibility in many areas of the product for V2, though we have not yet finalized our plans.

Thank you