Scott E Johnson

We've been using an internal wiki for an ad-hoc collaboration system, and we really like the ease with which we're able to add content, and expand the site.

Is there a "wiki" like capability to the VSTS I've looked over the "project portal" topics, and it seems to be strongly bound to the project, but I'm not seeing a location for general multiproject and non project related materials.

Any feedback on this topic would be appreciated!

Re: Visual Studio Team System - General Wiki capability?

Scott E Johnson

Well... this was helpful.. guess not many folks using this forum yet

Re: Visual Studio Team System - General Wiki capability?

Martin Woodward

Hey Scott,

Usually, I take sillence as meaning no in this case. I know that Sharepoint 2007 has some decent Wiki style functionality and that Brian Harry announces Sharepoint 2007 support for the Orcas release of TFS ( In terms of what is available in WSS 2.0 that is used for the project portals in TFS v1 I am not sure. At our company we link to a seperate wiki that we have had running longer than TFS so I've never really investigated this too much.

Hope that helps,


Re: Visual Studio Team System - General Wiki capability?

Scott E Johnson

Thanks Martin,

I could certainly have phrased my question better! Now that I re-visited it.

This is actually the kind of information that I'm looking for. We too have started down the wiki path for our product group here. (only a few months into it).

We find that its a very useful tool, specifically in that it takes next to no effort to create content, albeit a bit unstructured, we're working on "policy" to guide the content of the Wiki. We have been working on centralizing our internal documentation within the wiki, this primarily is high level stuff, non project specific.

This will help the newer engineers come up to speed faster with our processes, coding standards, etc. It also provides an excellent discussion ability on any given topic. In general we feel that it's a very free flowing mechanism for this.

Thanks for your feedback, and please any one else feel free to chime in.