Hi everyone,

I recently downloaded the TFS Orca's Beta 1 from MSDN and I was trying to install the beta on a server that is running SharePoint 3.0.

I was under the imression that the current "production" release of TFS supported SharePoint 2.0 natively out of the box and that the next release of TFS would support SharePoint 3.0 natively. However, when I run the Orcas Beta 1 installer, after the system scan, it says that I need to have SharePoint 2.0 installed with the latest service pack.

What's the deal with the Orca's not using SharePoint 3.0 I need to do a proof-of-concept for the boss and I needed a TFS version that supported SharePoint 3.0.

Any ideas

Re: Team Foundation Server - Setup TFS Orcas Beta 1 Setup

Anthony Borton

Hi Radigan,

I'm fairly sure the WSS 3.0 support is planned for the Orcas "Beta 2" release, not the current Beta 1.