I am in the process of converting a VS2003 solution (web and library projects)

to VS2005. I used the conversion tool, and am now converting the web project to a web application project per the tutorial on MS. I've done this twice before, and although it eventually completes, it takes hours. When I check the cpu and memory usage on the Task Manager, it's very low. When I watch the Applications tab on TM, I see MS Visual Studio listed as Not Responding. After a few minutes, it goes to Running, and then a few seconds later, back to Not Responding.

It's slowly grinding through my pages and controls (not a particularly large #), but I'd really like to figure out what is wrong since I have a few more apps to convert.

Sometime later...

I decided to try disconnecting from the network (which seemed to speed the debugger up tremendously) and it worked. The files finished converting in minutes. It should not be trying to connect to any other box. I pulled it out of VSS to do the conversion, no reason for it to hit the db that I can think of.

Anyone have any ideas