Subodh Sohoni

I created a small hierarchy of workitems starting from a Scenario which was to be "Fulfilled By" certain tasks. I would expect that

1. Either, if the tasks are active then scenario should not have been able to be set to "Resolved" or "Closed". - I could do both wihout changing the status of fulfilling tasks.

2. Or, When I set the status of Scenario to "Resolved" or "Closed" then status of fulfilling tasks should also get set to the same ie "Resolved" or "Closed". - This does not happen, tasks remain in active state.

It somehow does not seem logical. Is there some reason behind such behaviour or is this behaviour expected to change by the time of RTM

Re: Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario" Status change in hierarchical workitems

Gregg Boer MSFT

Sorry for the delayed response.

The functionality you are asking for is not in the CTP you are working with. There is no rules ensuring states between parent and child work items stay in synch.

Of the two scenarios you suggestioned about, which do you think would make the most sense

Do you believe that there is a case when you set all the children to "Closed", but the parent doens't get set to "Closed", but to something like "Pending Review"

Very interested in what you have to say. Thanks for posting.

Re: Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario" Status change in hierarchical workitems

Subodh Sohoni

Sorry for the delayed response, now from me. I was away on a vacation to Bali.

The scenario which you have mentioned is quite what I wanted. When I thought about it I appreciate your view that instead of parent getting closed automatically, its status should be set to "Pending Review". PM then should be able to close the parent manually. There may be a out of box query to show all such workitems which have status of "Pending Review".

I also know that there are number of requests / scanarios in a development or maintainnance project which are planned initially but get dropped / deffered or put on hold. In such situation if the status of the parent is set to deffered or on hold then the status of the children also should be set to the same. PM may have overriding permission to set status of one / some of the children to "Active" if part of the scenario is required to be implemented.

Overall I am quite impressed with the concept of the hierarchical workitems.

Re: Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario" Status change in hierarchical workitems

Mads Torp Jacobsen

The concept of the hierarchical workitems, is just what we have been looking for.

In regard to workflow and the hierarchical workitems it would be nice if the following would be possible to specify.

  • When Story A is 'deferred' the state of all children tasks are automatically being set to 'deferred'.
  • When the last children task is 'closed', the state of Story A (parent) is also set to 'closed' or even better a 'Pending' state as you mentioned.