My report is set to use Integrated security and has been running fine until I had to add another parameter to the Stored Procedure the report is based on. After checking for changes and pulling in the new parameter the report started asking for log info when run from machines other than the one it was developed on. So I put the code in to pass the connection info in and the login still comes up but the database field isn't filled in and it won't let you access it either. But it still works on the development box like it should.

 This is how all my other reports are called and it works fine

Dim crReportDocument As New ExplanationOfBenefitsReport

Dim crReportViewer As New CrystalRptViewer

crReportViewer.ReportDoc = crReportDocument





Re: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Crystal Reports asks for login even with Int Security set to true

Tarh ik

I have been experiencing several issues with Crystal Reports and Stored Procedures. Sometimes I wonder if Crystal is the way to go...

Anyway, I had a similar problem. What I did to solve was to go to Database -> Set Location, and ensure that the "use default DSN properties" is set to True.

Of course, after that, there is another problem that says that a parameter that the stored procedure was expecting was not supplied... I'm still trying to figure that out... Oh well, that's Crystal.

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