I've had trouble setting the properties of controls using the properties tab on the controls, and have had to resort to the code behind several times. What gives The code isn't running in debug mode, and all seems to be checked out for edit.



Re: Visual Studio Setup and Installation Control properties not "taking"


I found the answer to this myself after several frustrating occurances of it. If you have this problem, try modifying your properties in the source view of the develompment environment. I am seeing this more and more, with many properties.

On an unrelated issue, I'm actually out here checking on the status of a question I posted last night, and I find that it's not even been posted yet. I'm curious too that for this posting not even a suggestion was made by a moderator or anyone looking at it. THis was really a big pain, and the solution was pretty simple. I realize now that the answer may seem obvious, but still...does anyone else find this forum less and less effective for getting help I can't complain, because I'm the one getting answers, not providing them.