I know that there were many threads about this issue, but I can't find an answer to my issue there.

I was moving TFS from one machine to another.

Everything works fine except the warehouse.

It's not processing automaticly, but it works fine when i process it manualy.

My question is, why And where can i find some info cuz the application logs on the TFS show nothing.

While moving the TFS server from one machine to another i was using this guide:

I have done all the steps excep the "Move User and Service Accounts" cuz i'm using domain accounts.

Can this be the cause (i doubt it)

If no What can be the problem

Re: Team Foundation Server - Reporting & Warehouse Warewhouse not processing automaticly (again)


OkeY i found a solution after 2 days of searching....

My Warehouse didn't process automaticly. I hand no clue why.

In some topic on the forum i found an info to reboot Analys Service and the TFS Scheduler.

So i did and i noticed that the Scheduler couldn't be initilaized aldow the service has started.

So i started to look for solution for this problem and i found this topic: PostID=974993&SiteID=1&mode=1

In my VS on the TFS server i had the local path to the TFS Server and the external path.

I had to remove one of them and the warhose did process byt itself.

Hope this will help someone cuz during these 2 days i've seen many ppl with this problem.