OK situation is we have a desktop application coded in 2005 which launches reports made with crystal reports for vs2005. This is normally set up in a client server environment, however we use standalone laptops (i.e. sql server and our app on the same machine) to demo the software, for portability reasons etc.

We've been doing this just fine for about 18 months with laptops with Windows XP on. However, we're now starting testing on vista, we've got a vista laptop set up with sql server and our app on, which is all running fine - with the exception of the reports. Using identical reports, identical build of our app, and identical database, the reports are running EXTREMELY slowly. One of the reports took 45 minutes to load! This is compared with two to three minutes at most for the same report on the same data on one of the XP laptops.

So, has anybody else seen anything like this, or heard reports of it I don't think it's related to permissions (why would that effect speed ) - anybody have a differing opinion It shouldn't be due to the spec of the laptop, it's brand new and wasn't a cheap one, but I don't have the exact spec to hand so can't say for sure, I'm trying to find that out now. But based on the performance on the old laptops, it seems unlikely, the only thing I can think that might make that difference is speed of access to data on the hard drive.

Any thoughts, anyone



Re: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Crystal Reports for VS2005 Running Slow on Vista Laptop

Joe Beam

Buy more memory. just kidding... (your probably already maxed out). cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=8775223&sliceId=&dialogID=6294788&stateId=1%200%206296276

It looks like you need CR11r2 for vista.

Re: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Crystal Reports for VS2005 Running Slow on Vista Laptop


2 gig ram, should be enough I think!

So that article, does that also apply to reports made using the editor in Visual Studio 2005 I had seen that with the other versions you needed to upgrade, I didn't think it applied to the VS2005 built in ones though.