Dan Piessens

Let me preface this by saying that I know downscoping is a bad thing to do in C# or any OO language, but here's the issue:

We have a number of ComboBox controls on a form that get dynamically loaded. We've run into issues where the list has 65,000 entries and it takes to long so we change the DropDownStyle to Simple (essentially creating a textbox) and use a lookup mechanism in our application framework. The issue is that our developers have wired up to the SelectedIndexChanged event, and that no longer fires. So I'm wondering if we can have one of two solutions:

1. Transfer all the events from one event to another (SelectedIndexChanged to TextChanged)

2. Create an Inherited type like ComboLookupControl:ComboBox and attempt a downscope cast where the inherited class re-directs the events.

The biggest challenge is that the combo can't be removed and re-created and I'm having casting issues (as expected) with solution #2. Does anyone have any other ideas or a method for successfully doing the items above