I've been trying to create a tiny application which will access a certain MS Access database and supply interfaces for editing and viewing the data on it. I attempted to use a tabbed interface for no particular reason. Every tab will contain text fields and other input tools to recieve or view data of a particular table.

I add my data source, change the table to 'Details', change the fields to what I want them to be where text fields would be cumbersome, and finally drag it to the first tab. The DataSet, BindingSource, TableAdapter and BindingNavigator are successfully added to the form and the fields are visible. After making the necessary formatting changes, I loaded the other tab, and attempted to do the same things for another table.

Here is the problem: A Binding Navigator did not appear this time. The fields and labels successfully appear and the related code is added to the designer, however without a Binding Navigator they are useless.

I am using .NET 2.0, and Visual Basic Express.

The cause of this problem seems to be trying to use more than one table on a single form. Will I have to give up on the tabbed interface and use buttons (or a similar interface) to switch forms instead, or is there a workaround which does not involve coding in a BindingNavigator manually I will, if I must, however I'd like to see a tutorial on applying a BindingNavigator if that is your suggestion.

Thanks in advance for the responses,

Re: Windows Forms Data Controls and Databinding Two Binding Navigators on a Single Form?

Feng Chen - MSFT

Hi Nameroc,
I'm moving this thread from Visual Basic Express Edition to Windows Forms Data Controls and Databinding forum, since this issue is related to windows forms data binding Controls, there are more experts on Winforms DataBinding in this forum, hope you can get satisfied answer.
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Re: Windows Forms Data Controls and Databinding Two Binding Navigators on a Single Form?


Hi, Nameroc,

Could you please show us some of your codes (Especiall those for databinding)

It would be helpful for us to find out the problem.