Hi all...

I'm been working with asp.net and I use the membership and roles
providers that are built in controls..

Now I need do do an windows application, I've not found these controls
in c#...

Is there any controls or I have do do it myself And how to secure
things like menu itens based on the roles the user is in

Or dows anyone know a framework to do that


Re: Windows Forms General Windows forms user authentication

Yu Guo ¨C MSFT

Hi, Drunkalot,

Based on my understanding, you want to find some Framework or controls which work like Memebership and Roles in Asp.net, don't you

There exists a "Framework", or say a Library.

Actually, in windows form, we usually use "Enterprise Library" to do that authorization job.


The "Security Application Block" in Enterprise Library will help you to deal with user logging.

Quoted: The Microsoft Enterprise Library Security Application Block helps developers implement common authorization-related functionality in their applications.

To understand the design model of "Security Application Block", you can read this article


There are a lot of samples in the Enterprise Library installation, and the "Security" sample in "Quick Starts" is just what you want.

Enterprise Library community: http://codeplex.com/entlib

Hope this helps,