okay im making a mesh viewer for my engine in c#. Now my engine runs in a window, parented to a window in my c# application.

My engine runs in its own thread started by my c# application. When i've finished rendering i tell opengl to swap buffers, which would normally display the contents to window, however in my c# appliation it does not update the window.

How ever, if i put a call to my engine's render function in the windows paint method, it will be displayed, but only when i resize the window.

Any ideas how to get the window updated each frame in my seperate engine thread

okay i made some progress, i now open a thread which invalidates the window then sleeps for 20ms. This seems to work nicely. Is it the best way to go about it

Re: Windows Forms General updating window in multithreaded app

Deobrat Singh

You probably are in the right direction. Only glitch that I feel is the 20ms thingy. You should invalidate the window for every frame. The moment you swap the buffers, you should invalidate the window.