I get pretty confusing about what the Publish button do to my application. After looking thru the deploy-related posts on this forum I managed to publish my application with MS Installer and .net framework 2.0 buddled on a CD-ROM/DVD. The project in my case is deployed to C:\myProject

Now there are folllowing filess in the myProject folder:

myProject_1_0_0_1 [folder] --- inside has the xyz.dll.deploy , myProject.exe.deply and database.mdb.deploy <-- how come they are end with .deploy
Copy of myProject.xml

I logically ran setup.exe and expect my application will get installed on my PC (same pc I use to develop software so it has already .net framework 2.0 ). Looks nice , and it execute my program after installation was completed.

But, I wanna see where is my exe , dll and mdb is isntalled to........... when I go to "Start"->"Programe files"-> myProject , I see there is a shortcut to my project ,

frankly, that shortcut points to my deployment folder which is C:\myProject !!:

Content of the shortcut:
file:///C:/myProject/deploy/myProject.application#myProject.application, Culture=en-AU, PublicKeyToken=d65fc15b2749af0a, processorArchitecture=msil

Confusing enough, I go and delete what is in C:\myProject and click on that shortcut icon again.... my program runs without problem.

Where is my program installed to


Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects Deploying/Publishing my VB express application issue


From the other posts I found that VB Express deployment tool will install the project into system cache...................

I have a access database included in the project and I am not sure how I can grab the database if there is problem