iam asking if there is themes for the windows application ... i searched the net and the failure in finding an answer was my destination

is there a way to change the layout of all controls [ theme ] in windows application

that means change the shape of the textbox and the datagidview columns shape and the combobox and especially the tab control .. in other words if we look to yahoo messenger we see theme ...

i hope that my question is clear ,

thanks for your help in advance

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Re: Windows Forms Designer ?Windows appliction themes and skins


This should help:

Peter Hogg wrote:


To start with if your wanting to create a non-rectangular form as Windows Media Player 10 uses or as Winamp uses there is a brilliant tutorial on devx:


Next you'll probably want the option to create owener-drawn controls, Microsoft provides some good examples here:

http://www.dotnet247.com/247reference/a.aspxu=http://support.microsoft.com/ kbid=326143

Those links coupled with the following for creating custom controls:



And a bit of GDI+:


You may also be interested in this book:

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1861006314/102-0960649-5171336 v=glance

Alternativly to all that you also use one of the many applications available on the internet for creating Windows Form Themes using a designer interface.

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