I have a windows form application developed with .net 2.0 c#. I am using visual c# express If i use the clickonce deployment, i cant have a destop icon, have the user specify an installation directory, show an end user licence agreement, or make entries to the registry. But i need the functionality that the where it checks for the .net framework and downloads from vendor if not present. Does anyone have any suggestions, is there another installer tool that can be installed with visula c# express


Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects totally newbie question about deploying software

Elizabeth Maher - MSFT

The generic bootstrapper provides the ability to check for the .NET framework and install it from the vendor if necessary. The generic bootstrapper is available with both ClickOnce and Setup Projects. Your user just needs to run the setup.exe that is created alongside the ClickOnce deployment manifest or the Setup Project msi package.

The UI is the Prerequisites dialog off the Publish Property Page for ClickOnce applications and the Prerequisites dialog off the build property page for setup projects. A good overview article is at url=/library/en-us/dnvs05/html/custom_pkg.asp. You can also read about the Prequisites page at


Elizabeth Maher

VB Team