Ritesh Agarwal

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble with scrolling issue in my Windows application.

I have a long windows form and have two panel. In first panel i have couple of text boxed and and in Second panel i have TAB control (Which is long then screen size).When I select any tab from Tab control it scrolls to top of screen and hide panel 1(which you can scroll to view) .

In above scenario i don't want tab control to scroll. Is there any way i can stop this happening. It will be great help on this.


Re: Windows Forms General Scrolling issue in Windows Forms

Rong-Chun Zhang - MSFT


If I am not misunderstand you, set the Multiline property of TabControl to true is what you need. If I'm off base,
please feel free to let me know.

Hope this helps.


Re: Windows Forms General Scrolling issue in Windows Forms


How did this thread get marked as answered It is clearly the wrong answer. You've got the form's AutoScroll property set to True. Whenever you set the focus to a control, AutoScroll ensures the control is scrolled fully into view. There's no fix for this, consider redesigning your UI.