This is a a design time support program.

In this program, when select(view the properties) the
'phoneNumberControl1' usercontrol (which having Name,CountryCode,AreaCode,Phone#);
it appears a section called "PhoneData" in the properties section.

by using this "PhoneData" section, we can give the desired values to Name,CountryCode,AreaCode,Phone# at design time. And those will be appear on the textboxes.
It works fine!

But,i need to use a dropdown list there.Need to enter the country code from a Dropdown list or something like that.(Otherthen typing there.)
How to do this

(in the other program, it give the drop down list.Select the BULE

color there its property - RectHeight,RectWidth can be choose from the dropdown list.)
How can i do this for the above program.
i.e: Getting the CountryCode from a dropdown list.

-Run the "CustomEditor.sln", which is in the CustomEditor folder.
-(Inside that)Then open the "WindowsApplication1 - > Form1.cs" in the "Design Viewer"
-Then set the properties at the design time as mentioned.

(Note: this is a design time support program.)

Program Can be Found Here:

need help!

Re: Windows Forms General Design time Support; use dropdown list

Rong-Chun Zhang - MSFT

Hi ugp,

Using enum instead of string will make a list in design time. So try like this.

Code Snippet

namespace Phone_Number_Control


public enum CountrysName


US = 01,

EN = 02,

CH = 03



public class PhoneNumber


private CountrysName name;

public CountrysName Name








if(null != value)

{ = value;







Hope this helps.