Hi there

I derived my own class from the toolstrip, to implement a few changes.
My toolstrip uses a blue background color. This works fine, but i got a little problem:
The overflow button is nearly invisible, until you hover over it with the mouse. It uses the same background color as the toolstrip and only has this little black arrow which is nearly impossible to see with the blue background.

I only want to get this button better visible!
I tried to change the BackColor and ForeColor properties of the overflow button (which is accessible via toolstrip.OverflowButton), but ForeColor changes nothing at all and BackColor only draws a little line on the button in the desired color.

I also tried to write my own ToolstripRenderer. I override the OnRenderOverflowButtonBackground, but then i have to draw the entire button by myself, which is not what i wanted.
Tried to do something with ButtonRenderer.DrawButton() but this didn't work either.

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Windows Forms General How to change appearance of toolstrip overflow button?


No ideas for this problem

Why am i not able to edit these properties of the overflow button

Is using my own renderer the only solution If this is the case, how can i use a function like ButtonRenderer.DrawButton()