Bob Pokorny

If you're familiar with MS Money; I am developing an application that has the look and feel of Money but different functionality. How do they do it or what is the best approach. I've read several ideas, but before I start I wanted to get additional feedback:

The concept:

A Customer button that opens a customer "home" page with customer specific tasks located in the spine with the results displayed in the window to the right.

A Reports button that opens a Reports "home" page, again functioning the same as above.

There will be several of this "pages"...

I've thought of using the MDI/Child approach but the number of panes used in each group became difficult to manage.

I've thought of the SDI approach, but again, the number of panes was way to complex to manage and the performance wasn't great.

So, the latest I've heard and I think I would like to understand better is creating individual controls (Customers, Contacts, Reports, etc...) Then each of these controls would consist of several panes based upon the options available in the spines of each component.

Does any of this make sense Any help/ideas is appreciated.

Re: Windows Forms General Looking for best approach for MSMoney Look-A-Like [VB]

Re: Windows Forms General Looking for best approach for MSMoney Look-A-Like [VB]

Bob Pokorny

I've actually seen that demo, it's quite nice...I wish it was in VB, I'm not a c# developer (right now).

As the application demonstrates one control for a graph and another for data; my concern is, what happens when you start adding more and more "forms" or controls. For example:

The spine (which could be it's own control ) contains a "Customer Main" that display a list of all customers on the right (which is another control). When you double click on a customer, it opens the details for that customer. Should that be a seperate control that is contained within the same container In otherwords, the spine.vb is a control; the CustomerList and CustomerDetails, CustomerReports, etc... should those be seperate panes in one control or should they be broken doen into individual controls

Am I getting overwhelmed with the logistics on controling navigation

I guess that's why I'm looking for input. Anymore ideas

Thanks for your patience!