Dear All,

               I have made a setup of a C# window application in which i create an icon on the desktop. But the problem with this shortcut is that whenever i right click on it & go to property, its Find Target and Change Icon buttons are disabled. The difference that i have observed between other standard applications shortcuts and this one is that its Target Location on the property page is not set which are set for other ones whereas Target property just points to the name of the application.

               Please guide me as soon as possible so that i could solve this problem.



Wasif Ehsan.

Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects Find Target and Change Icons buttons are disabled for desktop Shotcut of my application

Stefan Krueger

This is a feature of Windows Installer and is called "advertised shortcut". This shortcuts contains information about the product it is pointing to. When you double click it, Windows Installer will check the integrity of the installed application (by checking if all the EXEs and DLLs are there for instance) and automatically repairs them if necessary.

I'm not sure why this is a problem for you If it really is you can turn this off in your setup, by setting the DISABLEADVTSHORTCUTS property.