i am having a form (used to rename files) containing two listviews lstBefore, lstAfter (these contain the names of files before and after their renaming).

I want to accomplish 2 things :

a. when scrolling one of the two listviews the other should scroll as well so that their contents remain synchronized in user's view

b. lstAfter has, let's say, 200 items. Their forecolor is set to color.Green. Everytime an item of the listView is handled (renamed) i am changing the forecolor of that item to color.Black. The "problem" is that the listview can only show 30 items in its visible client area, so i want -when handling items with index > 30 - those items to be automatically scrolled in the visible client area of the listview (so that the change of color can be visible by the users).

Thx in advance


Re: Windows Forms General scroll listviews simultaneously


a: check this thread.
b: use ListView.EnsureVisible().