P.M. Caron

I use Visual Sudio 2005 with SP1 installed.

In one page of my web form I put a grid with an SQL datasource.

Each time I want to change the select statement using the VS GUI, I use the "Configure Datasource Screen".

Under the sentence "How would you like to retrieve your data from your database " the item "Specify columns from a table or view" is selected, ad I can modify my choices.

As soon as I copy or rename this aspx web page, above item is no longer selected, but the other one is selected, "Specify a custom SQL statement or stored procedure". From then on it is way more difficult to adapt the query.

Why is this

Thanks, P.M. Caron.

Re: Windows Forms Data Controls and Databinding Configure Data Source in copied web form

Zhi-Xin Ye - MSFT

Hi, P.M. Caron

This forum is mainly discussing WinForm apps, I recommended you post your question at the ASP.NET Forum for better responses.