Paul Stringer


We have a setup project using the "Setup & Deployment --> Setup " project type and we need to deploy the application into a "Dutch" (nl) customer base and so need to build a Dutch version of the installer.

In my "Project Properties" window for the installer I get a list of "localization" items as follows...

[Neutral Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) English (United States) French German Italian Japanese Korean Portugese (Brazil) Russian Spanis (Spain) (International Sort) ]

All of the above items seem to correspond to specific language sub-folders in my folder: -

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\BootStrapper\Engine\"

The trouble is there's no Dutch (nl) folder. I can build all of the above languages with no trouble and get the installer to run in the language specified - brilliant. I'm thinking I can simply add a new language to the folder and build it in Dutch.


My question is...

When I create a new Dutch folder (nl) in this location, - why do I still only get the original (above) set of languages available in my set-up project ... I've closed the project & re-opened it, I've even re-booted and created a brand new project for testing - still no Dutch option.

Is there something more I need to do in order to add an extra language to my list of available ones ...

I've changed the settings in the copied XML file so it reads...

<String Name="Culture">nl</String>

Cheers - Paul.

Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects Can't Add Installation Cultures in "\BootStrapper\Engine\<Culture>"

Paul Stringer

I've answered this question myself here after posting another question.

If you google long enough with the right words you usually get what you need...