Imad Eddin

Hello friends and colleages:
I hope you can help me with this deploymnet problem.
I have finished creating this project of mine, written in C# using VS 2005.
The project is an mp3 player, but the thing is, it plays certain mp3 files,
which are the Holly Quran chapters in audio files. These files are very big.
They are about 1.2 Gb. The program connects to an access database, and
reads every files path when its clicked in the data grid view. When the program
is installed, a new folder is created on the users "Application Folder", called Quran,
and the files must be there. But every time when I add these files to the Application Folder
in my project, and Build it, it returns and error that there is not enough space or something like

There are alot of software systems, which can be very huge in size, like VS 2005 for
example and msdn library. I know its possible to make this program work.

Please help me, if you can.
Thank you....

Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects Deployment Problem

Imad Eddin

Hi everyone, I hope you are all Ok, or trying to be Smile
After setting up the deployment project, adding shortcuts, folders and other...
One folder made the big problem with - Not Enough Storage ......
The Program system is a player which loads specefic mp3 files, but they are 1,3 Gb in size....
I think it is a memory issue, cause its only 512 RAM...
Any way I was wondering if ther is a way to exctract the folder containing mp3 files to the same directory
in the Programe File folder and then install the program, cause I do not know what should I do...
Please help
thank you