It doesn't look like ClickOnce is the proper installation solution for server based applications and services. Does MS have any recommendations on how to package services I'm using VS Setup projects to create an msi.

Are there any tools to help with deployment and version management on our servers We have applications which we will be installing on many computers. We would rather not try to hand build our own solution for managing them.

Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects Guidance on Service installations


Hi, bpeikes,

You are quite right, and ClickOnce is designed for fast and per-user deployment.

It can even be deployed without adminstrator rights.

So, A Setup Project is the right choice for install a windows service.

However, Setup Project does not originally support a auto update,

which means that you have to manage your own update method.

Here are lot of samples on how to do that.



Hopes this helps,