Hi. I wanted to know if/how to create a setup project with an image and xml file that's outside the setup file.

My objective here is to avoid having to re-compile with the image and xml file. I was thinking that iexpress could package three files: setup.exe, image.gif, and link.xml. This way, the setup.exe file would remain the same all the time, and all I would have to do is replace the image.gif and link.xml and re-package with iExpress.

For the first 100 users, I want a .gif that says "You are one of the first 100 users. Click here to claim your prize". The image will be from the \images\ folder of the application and the images hyperlink will be grabbed from the xml file. Then for the next batch, I'd like a different image and different link and i'd like to ONLY swap the image.gif and link.xml files and re-package using iexpress (as opposed to re-compiling the whole project).

Any suggestions, comments, etc would be great. Thanks in advance.

- Jon