Indiana Ginge

Hi all,

I have been working on this problem for the full past 2 days, i really need some ones help...PLEASE.

I have what at first seems to be a common problem, I have added textboxs etc from the data source. This in turn brought up the table adapter, binding navigator etc. I have the binding controls working except they do not write back to the database.

In trying to resolve this issue i downloaded leeson 9 (data binding) from the microsoft web site and found that even this pre written program will not update data back to the database.

I am completly baffled by this and really need help on tackling this problem as I am learning this for a university project and the deadline is fast approaching.

any help on this issue would be very appriciated.


Re: Windows Forms Data Controls and Databinding Database connection problems

Indiana Ginge

after 2 days of trying i discoverd that the database is saved into 2 places, and every time you restart the application it loads a new dataset. I have now changed the databases copy to output directory property to load new which seems to work for me, Hope this helps anyone who is haveing the same problem as i am sure there are due to the ammount of posts

Hope this helps, GingerBoy

PS i have not been very impressed with the visual products, i am a third year software enginerring student and yet, i am running into multiple problems with this package. This is compounded by a clear lack of information in the video tutorials which in some cases dont seem to work at all - well, not without some rework which should not be nesserrsey....grrrrr