i have made my one version off the musicplayer butt i don't

like the way it looks for now. Different colors is nice butt i want

different buttons like round ones or triangle ones

i already try the codes i can find butt always erors is it because

i am ussing VISTA or something else i don't no inheritance

properties am not so good.

can't find video to see and learn like with SQL Sever

video works better than most text (seeing better than reading)

i use VB 2005 Express Edition + updates

butt all the codes are not working drives me grazy

help me.

Re: Windows Forms General round buttons

Gavin Jin - MSFT


Please check this article


Hope it helps

Re: Windows Forms General round buttons

Microsoft IT Advisory Council


I'am wondering how you made the music player i always like hearing about new projects if you could let me know how you were able to make it work.

Thank you,


Steven Richards

(Microsoft IT Advisory Council)