Is there any way to include an uninstallation program with my setup files, and if so; how

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I know this doesn't directly answer your question but you are able to go to add/remove programs in the control panel and uninstall your application from there. I know this works on local stations any how. However, the information at this link might prove to be useful to you. PostID=219564&SiteID=1

It's actually located in the "ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects" forum. The part you will be interested in is, and I quote:

1. In your setup project¡¯s directory, create a new uninstall.bat file.

2. In your Setup project, copy the ProductCode property (something like [12345678-1234-1234-1234-123412341234]

3. Edit the uninstall.bat so that it has one line that says:

Msiexec /x [insert product code here]

4. Add the uninstall.bat to your setup project¡¯s application folder.

5. Right-click on the uninstall.bat to create a shortcut, and then put it in the Start menu folder you want it in (in the setup project).

6. Rename the Shortcut to something like ¡°Uninstall MyApplication¡±

That should do it.

(By: David Guyer )

Hope this helps to eventually resolve your issue.


Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects Uninstallation program


But this is not a complete solution! The empty folder is still there: [ProgramFilesFolder] with a empty folder name "[Manufacturer]"

Here gives another solution:

1.Add file "msiexec.exe"(in system32 folder) to System Folder

2.Create a shortcut to msiexec.exe, and cut the shortcut to program menu

3.Add in "Arguments" property with: /x ProductCode