Hi all. I have a real problem with ComboBox used inside a DataGrid.

1. I have all needed events added to datacolumn.

2. I try to change the cell and go to OnChangeDataGridCell (my event function) so it seems to work.

3. I click on the cell, and next I click into datagrid (not the cell).

4. Then i try to go back to my last selected cell (combo) and there is a problem... the on click is called, but should be OnChaneDataGridCell.

5. So solving the problem i wanted to call my OnChangeDataGridCell from OnClick. Ok but overloaded method Edit is not called. So It is not released What is going on

Thanks in advance. There is nothing special and I Do don' t post my code.

Rather I want to know manually how can I understand the situation and if there is some solution for this kind of problem.