Hi All,
I want to make a dictionary with windows application. My data is html format. therefore, i use webBrowser control on my windows form. If the user click any word in webBrowser control, word mean must browse to user (like babylon).

I have a windows form. My form has webBrowser control. I fill a html content with javascript (Dictionary.js) to webBrowser.

Javascript (dictionary.js) can obtain the word if user double click on the word.

I must to send this word another windows form. Thus, i will learn this word mean.

My question is; Can the javascript call the windows form server code

if it can not, how can i do that

Note: Visual Studio 2005 C#

Thanks any suggestion.


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I mean, i want to capture text, if user double click on it. I can
capture it with javascript but, i cant sent it dictionary form. (My
dictionary form can give word mean).

I want to capture word (which user double click) and sent it another

In additional, i cant use html file. because my word mean in
database, not in seperately html file.

My database structure like this:

intBookId (INT)
strBookName (NVARCHAR(30))

intPageId (INT)
intBookId (INT)
strPageContent (NVARCHAR(MAX))

intWordId (INT)
intPageId (INT)
strWord (NVARCHAR(30))
strMean( NVARCHAR(100))

strPageContent is html content, like this :
"<b>Hi, my name is Oznur! <b>"

I show this content in webBrowser control (windows application).

strWord (in tblWords table) is has every word, like :

"Hi" , "name", "Oznur"

strMean (in tblWords table) is has every word mean, like,

"used in greating", "reputed", "some body has light".

If user double click webBrowser content part; like "Hi", the other
windows form (Dictionary.cs) must appear (like popup) and say : "used
in greating". in the same way, if user double click over "Oznur" word,
the other windows form (Dictionary.cs) appear and say: "some body has
light", and so on.

In other words, i cant use html file or <a> tag or link style or other
web page, because database binding. i cant use web application so web
form, because user does not have iis.

I obtain the word which double click with javascript, but i cant
create some windows form (dictionary.cs ) via javascript. Therefor, i
cant show word mean on dictionary.cs form.

if it can not, how can i do that


Re: Windows Forms General Windows Form Dictionary