What is the best way to get rid of the style of the System.Windows.Forms.Button ( i.e. the 3D border, the XP-look and feel and the padding of the content) but keep how the button arranges image and text inside (i.e. automatic wordwrapping for the text as well as Button.TextAlign and Button.ImageAlign) Do I really have to inherit the button and override OnPaint Because that seems to require to reimplement the arrangement logic for text and image to exactly mimic the behavior of the original button.

Re: Windows Forms General Get rid of button style but keep behavior


To get rid of the XP visualstyle you would have to comment out the line Application.EnableVisualStyles(); within the main method. which VS automatically adds. but this would affect all the controls in the app.

or else

Set the FlatStyle property of the button to FlatStyle.Flat to get rid of the borders.

if that too wont suffice you would have to ownerdraw the button.