This is something I have never seen or expected to see and I don't understand what happened. I created a Windows Forms application on my machine at home. I carried out extensive testing and everything worked fine. I copied the folder and brought it to work. I carried out testing there. It runs fine. But I can not see the Windows Forms designer window. I need to add a couple of controls and alter a couple of the properties, but I need the designer view of the form to do that. It appears all the files are present. There is frmReadXML.vb with frmReadXML.Designer.vb and frmReadXML.resx. Yet frmReadXML.vb opens to show a plain white window, frmReadXML.Designer.vb shows the code behind the form and frmReadXML.resx opens to show a form for adding resources( ). I no point can I see the design view of my form. I am sure there is a simple menu entry to show this form but I have been unable to find it for two weeks. I would appreciate it someone could at least give me a clue. I googled this issue and found nothing. I searched this forum and viewed all 112 entries that mentioned the words windows, forms, and designer.

Re: Windows Forms Designer Disappearence of Windows Forms Designer

Eli Gazit

What do you see in the solution-explorer

It should be:




Do you see the Form ok in run-time

What happens when you double-click on the form What error do you see

Re: Windows Forms Designer Disappearence of Windows Forms Designer

Rong-Chun Zhang - MSFT

Hi joeller,

We are changing the issue type to ˇ°Commentˇ± because you have not followed up with the necessary information. If you have more time to look at the issue and provide more information, please feel free to change the issue type back to "Question" by editing your initial post and changing the radio button at the top of the post editor window. If the issue is resolved, we will appreciate it if you can share the solution so that the answer can be found and used by other community members having similar questions.

Thank you!

Re: Windows Forms Designer Disappearence of Windows Forms Designer


I just spent a half hour explaining why I can respond to remarks when I am not seeing my alerts, and why I had to go to experts exhange in order to get any reponse when I tried to post it and internet explorer 7 deleted my connection to the web site thereby losing everything.

To restate. as I explained in another thread in these forums which has been view 68 times without a response, I am not receiving any email alerts. In addition, by following the options laid out in another thread by a person with the same issue, I am unable to change the options to reflect my preference to receive alerts at my current email address. Therefore I check the forums manually several time a day to see if there has been a response. After waiting two weeks to receive answers on other issues with this same application and seeing the request for assistance viewed I decided I was not going to wait on this issue so i immediately went out to experts exchange, where I received a response within 12 hours, and on which there has been considerable discussions.

In answer to mr gazit questions, yes, yes, yes, and as I initially stated no error message, just a blank code page. Further information may be found at Including the entire source code for frmReadXML.Designer.vb.

This application is being built for the department of defense and there are lives at stake.

I have been running the application as if it were a VB 3.0 application and making all my changes to my form in code which is tedious and aggravating. Now to cap it off Visual Studio 2005, after running in debug mode all night has decided that it can no longer find the source code for the reference class. Then it decided that it could not load the referenced class because it was supposedly "in use by another process". None of this used to happen in Visual Studio 2003, or VS 6.0. Why is it happening with a supposedly improved product (This time I am copying the comments out to notepad so I won't lose them when IE7 breaks my connection.

Re: Windows Forms Designer Disappearence of Windows Forms Designer

Eli Gazit

Sorry I've asked some simple questions on my post, many users fails on this initial steps so I wanted to check that before continuing to the more complex stuff.

I know that for people who know what they're doing, this is like the HP support that asks you "do you have pages in your printer" when you see smoke getting out of your printerˇ­ Sorry.

Furthermore, I know how frustrating is that no one answer your post, many posts get answered within minutes, some takes days and some never get answered. I tried to help you by starting a conversation, many experts on the forum are getting very interested in posts that 'lives' in the first page but no one founds the answer for.

Anyway, I hope you will not lose your faith in the forum, I hope that expert exchange gave you what you were looking for (and if so, please post the solution, so other can enjoy it hereˇ­ )